5 Prediction Specifications and Features of Interest to the Huawei Honor 9

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After the successful launch 8 is quite phenomenal Honor in 2016, now Huawei is working on future generations, Honor 9. Some rumors about her have been leaked on the Internet, and here are some things we do know about Honor 9 based on predictions and rumors.

Still like Honor 8

honor 9 02

A few days ago, the image rendering Honor 9 circulating on the Internet. The rendering of the image shows that the design of Honor 9 is identical to her sister, Honor 8. Even if the observed 9 screen size larger Honor of Honor 8. In addition, there is also a physical home button on the chin that made the difference between 8 and Honor Honor 9.

The fingerprint sensor on the front

We know Huawei always embed the fingerprint sensor on the back of the smartphone, such as the Huawei Honor 8, Huawei P9, or Huawei Mate 9. However, the habit has changed since the release of its latest flagship smartphone, the Huawei P10.

Therefore, the greater the potential that Honor 9 will use the fingerprint sensor on the front of the alias integrated with the home button. It is also reinforced by the image rendering above, which we do not find the fingerprint sensor on the body behind it.

Without audio jack

honor 9 04

Honor 9 predicted to be present in the absence of an audio jack, such as the iPhone 7 or Xioami Mi 6. This conjecture is based on the design of rendering itself, because the invisible presence of the audio jack on the Honor 9. If this really happens, it will certainly be a minus value Honor 9. Even so, the loss of audio jack hinted that this smartphone will bring water-resistant feature.


honor 9 03

Like the Honor 8, the smartphone comes with a dual-camera, and is expected to be equipped OIS (optical image stabilization), which this feature does not exist on Huawei Honor 8. However, until now we do not know the magnitude of the sensor resolution and what it is used. However, so far as one of the first smartphones dual-camera, Huawei always pamper users with quality super duper camera cross-eyed.

Speaker stereo

Honor 9 is expected to use a dual-speaker audio system that hopes are able to create a loud noise and loud. The stereo speakers are suitable for multimedia activities such as listening to music, play games, or watch movies.

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