5 Similarities Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus

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Came with a kitchen runway super tough, Xiaomi Mi-6 had won the fastest Android smartphone AnTuTu version for now. And after much review about the pros and cons, we finally found the five similarities between Xiaomi Mi-6 with an iPhone 7 Plus . Approximately what? Discover the similarities in the following review.

Dual-camera rear

mi6 vs iphone 7 2

Dual-camera trend is emerging-proliferation. So even with these two flagship smartphones. Yes, to support the activities of photography, Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus alike rely on dual-rear camera is equipped with a series of cool features. Not only the number of the same camera, camera resolution was also identical, which is 12 MP.

Speaking of shots, both of them cross-eyed. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus is also good for video recording because it is equipped with OIS. The resulting video will look more smooth, stable, and not easy to shake.


mi6 vs iphone 7 3

Not only on the side of the camera, the two flagship smartphone is also equally equipped waterproof features. But the difference, iPhone 7 Plus has a feature IP67-certified waterproof, capable of diving at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes.

While Xiaomi Mi-6 is only equipped with features splash resistant, which means that only resistant to water splashes and is not to be drowned. However, this smartphone can still be used dikala rain.

Without audio jack

mi6 vs iphone 7 4

Many users were disappointed associated loss of audio jacks on the Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus. After the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016 ago, Apple revealed that the loss is based on the audio jack IP67 waterproof feature on the iPhone 7 itself, so inevitably they must eliminate its audio jack.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi revealed that the loss of the audio jack on the Xiaomi Mi 6 dikarena splash resistant features promoted and wanted to create a larger space for other components, such as batteries with the size and larger capacity. However, this problem can still be solved by using a converter cable or a wireless headset.

the home button

mi6 vs iphone 7 5

Besides the camera, waterproof features, and loss of audio jacks, these two smartphones also use the home button of the same model. Yes, Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus both use capacitive home button models that work by touch, not suppressed. Not only that, they also embed a fingerprint sensor on the home button.

Speaker stereo

mi6 vs iphone 7 6

To produce a clear speaker sound and tight, Xiaomi Mi-6 and iPhone 7 Plus alike rely on dual speakers located on the bottom side of the body. So, multimedia activities such as listening to music and watching movies becomes more exciting.

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