7 The problem that occurred on the Samsung Galaxy S8

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There are no product is perfect in this world. Perhaps the word that fits to describe artificial latest flagship smartphone Samsung . Although made with advanced technology plus a variety of cool features, in fact, did not make the Samsung Galaxy S8 avoid the problem.

Not even a few users reported their grievances through various forums. Without the need for long, here are seven problems which have so far occurred on the Samsung Galaxy S8  and S8 + and solutions.

screen redness

Since officially sold in Indonesia on May 2 ago, users were surprised by the phenomenon of red screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Apparently, this problem does not only happen in Indonesia alone, users from other parts of the world are also experiencing the same thing.

Hearing these issues, the Samsung explains that the red screen is not a damage or defect of the product, but from the software Samsung Galaxy S8. So to deal with this problem, Samsung will provide software updates.

WiFi problematic

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Not only is the screen that is reddish, some users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 also experiencing problems with WiFi off and disconnected. Sounds fatal indeed, considering WiFi is one of the features that are often used. iPhone 6 has ever experienced this.

And again, this problem occurs because the Samsung Galaxy S8 software, not hardware. This problem can be solved by going to the Settings menu and select Backup and select Reset Network Settings. However, if the WiFi is still problematic also, users must update the latest software.

Wireless charging is not working

samsung s8 issue 2

This is not the first time Samsung created a smartphone with wireless charging feature. However, we got information that there are some users who are unable to charge the Samsung Galaxy S8 because they have not able to connect with the wireless charger.

Unfortunately, until now Samsung has not provided an explanation regarding this issue. But if I may predict, the issue is not raised from the side but from wireless smartphone charger is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 system. So, this problem can be solved by purchasing a wireless charger that is compatible with the latest version of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Display applications truncated

samsung s8 issue 3

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a screen that is not common, the air-aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. While most apps designed for smartphones with aspect ratio 16: 9 So when a user opens a particular application there will be black bars at the top and bottom edges ,

Of course this is less unsightly, especially when used for gaming. But this problem can be solved by going to Settings -> Display -> Full Screen App -> and activate the application you want to run in full-screen mode. Now the black bars will disappear. But when you turn on full-screen mode, automatically zoom will be truncated.

Speaker sound changed after submerged in water

samsung s8 issue 4

Whiz Samsung Smartphone is also equipped with features water and dust resistant IP68 Certified so that users can carry this smartphone when it is raining or drown in the water. Even so, some people report that the speakers sound distorted after submerged in water.

Yet quiet, this problem can be solved simply by draining the Samsung Galaxy S8 and do not use the speakers for one to two hours. Speakers will be normal again when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is in a state completely dry.

Smartphone freeze

samsung s8 image feature 10

As a flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 super kitchen runway formulated with applause. However, the facts do not make the Samsung Galaxy S8 free from problems like this. Perhaps the poor users install applications or many applications open simultaneously so that the use of RAM becomes high, consequently experiencing freeze.

To overcome this, the user can restart the Samsung Galaxy S8. For the record, this problem is very rare, perhaps only 1 in 1000 users who experience it.

Body behind breakable

samsung s8 issue 5

To make it look luxurious and sleek, Samsung Galaxy S8 using a body made of Gorilla Glass coated glass body 5. But unfortunately these smartphones remain vulnerable to cracking or breaking when the user accidentally dropped from a certain height. The only solution is to install a special protective casing or Samsung Galaxy S8.

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