AnTuTu: 5.5 Inch Smartphone so King in China

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AnTuTu has recently released a new report on the trend of smartphone users in April. In a report presented in graphical form, mention of the size of the screen’s most popular smartphones in the Chinese market.

As written by Gizmochina, the report revealed a shift in users are now more using a device with a large screen or belong to the phablet category. The screen size of 5 to 6 inches accounted for about 82 percent of the overall market share.

From these figures, the smartphone that has a 5.5-inch landscape display to be the most popular, with a market share of as much as 35.60 percent. While smartphone with 5.7-inch landscape display amounted to 10.39 percent and the device has a 6 inch screen or phablet entered the ranks of only 6.38 percent.


Other reports also mention, a smartphone with a 5 inch screen sizes continue to shrink its day because it only accounts for a rate of 7.66 percent. While the 5.1 inch screen accounted for 15.84 percent and smartphone with 5.2-inch landscape display only accounted for 6.06 percent.

Quite interesting! From the report, it turns out there are some people who like a smartphone with a 5 inch screen below. AnTuTu grouping, smartphones with screen sizes ranging between 3.5 to 4.9 inches has a market share of 9.39 percent. While other sizes reach 8.81 percent market share.

It is not known what criteria are used by AnTuTu to prepare this report. However, the report looks fairly represent the reality. Nowadays, a smartphone with a big screen has become a trend in China.

In fact, not a few manufacturers of smartphones in China began to pack the homemade device with less bezel design to deliver a smartphone with a big screen, but the body remains compact. Then the smartphone screen size which you like, 5 inches or 5.5 inches?

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