Appeared in Geekbench, Three Smartphone Nokia will use SD 835, 660 and 630

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Three new smartphones are reportedly being worked on by Nokia already appeared in Geekbench database list. All three will use the latest chipset from Qualcomm. Although he did not explicitly mention the name of Nokia, but the code names “Heart” at least lead to a Nokia device.

Code naming “Heart” itself is often used to prototype HMD phone manufactured by Nokia Global as the owner of the license. In fact, of the three devices listed in Geekbench mentioned one using HMD naming Global Heart. Meanwhile, two other devices using the code “Unknown Heart”.

nokia new handset

Intrigued by the embedded hardware specifications? Of the three devices, which are equipped with Qualcomm chipsets highest Snapddragon 835 octa-core processor with 2.45 GHz and 4 GB RAM. Likely, it is a flagship smartphone which will dipasrkan Global HMD as Nokia 8 or 9.

Other devices are also being prepared is powered by a Snapdragon 626 or Snapdragon 630 with a clockspeed of 2.21 GHz. This smartphone will be supported by 2 GB of RAM and running the operating system Android 7.1.1 aka Nougat.


The third Nokia device is being worked on will be supported with the chipset Snapdragon 660 quad-core 1.84 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. Unlike the two other models, this smartphone will run Android 7.0 operating system Nougat.

Global HMD which currently holds the full brand Nokia is expected to announce a new Android smartphone in the next few months, so it does not close the possibility the full specification details will be available at some time to come.

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