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If you remember, JerryRigEverything account on YouTube was to test the durability of one device made by HTC, the HTC U Ultra. As a result, this smartphone has a frail body, which can be bent easily.

And what about the other HTC devices, such as HTC U11 were recently released? Back JerryRigEverything do the same test. It is also to show how strong the smartphone withstand torture carried out, ranging from scratches to be bent.

In the first test, ie, when the smartphone is etched, screen HTC U11 proven able to survive and new visible scratches when scratched with a pressure of 6 omhs. Part physical Home button was not spared from this test and it can be easily scratched.

Interestingly, despite being scratched, the physical Home button integrated with Fingerprint feature is still used to read fingerprints. Likewise with Edge Sense feature when scratched, this feature is still working normally alias does not eliminate its primary function.

The next test done is burn up the screen. It only took about eight seconds, the screen HTC U11 burned leaving a trail of black color. However, the black color on the screen quickly disappear and do not cause any significant problems.

Finally comes the final test, the HTC U11 which is in the hands JerryRigEverything bent. When bending of the back, the body of this smartphone looks slightly curved but nothing is broken. Unlike when bending of the front side, the smartphone screen is directly visible rupture. Intrigued by the testing process? Check out the video below.

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