Display Panel Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Appears in Video Short

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Although the Galaxy Note 7 cause a great loss for Samsung, but the South Korean electronics manufacturer is not cured to release new products that enter the family line Note in this year. Reportedly, the new Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 8 before the IFA 2017 event in Germany.

Yet also introduced, in the last week alleged prototype Galaxy Note 8 has been leaked on the internet. Continues, now appear in a YouTube video that was also believed to be the design of the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has similarities with the Galaxy S8 and S8 +, Galaxy Note 8 also adopted the screen with a thin bezel.

It is estimated that the Galaxy Note 8 will be packaged with a screen size of 6.3 inches. Despite the large screen size, but the body of this phablet will be smaller than other Android phablet-phablet that has the same size. This is because the screen size measured diagonally so that no matter the model as any.

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Unfortunately in a ninety-second video no other instructions, written just clear Note 8. Of course, we will wait for other leaks on the Galaxy Note 8 which will continue to roll on the internet. Talking about its hardware specs, of course Samsung will embed a variety of technologies and features into this phablet.

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