Dual-camera OnePlus 5 Will Similar Huawei P10?

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Last week, leaked images show the packaging or box OnePlus 5 sales have already appeared on the internet. The latest leak, OnePlus seems to want to assert that it was working on a smartphone that brings dual-camera rear

Talking about the dual-camera on a smartphone, there are two configuration options that would normally be developed by the manufacturer. The first is a monochrome + RGB configuration and the second configuration is a wide-angle + telephoto.

Photos OnePlus 5 2

Configuration Monochrome + RGB will integrate sensors for object photographed in black and white and color sensors. This configuration makes it possible to produce sharper images even in low light conditions. While the wide-angle + telephoto such as a combination of two existing sensors on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Associated with the development OnePlus 5, this smartphone rumors will be adopting a dual-camera configuration with a monochrome + rear RGB. This is evident from one of the most likely leaked photos taken using OnePlus 5.

Photos OnePlus 5 1

Clearly, one of the resulting image is black and white. In fact, some other photos that also shown featuring alias blur bokeh effect. Of course, from the photos seen that the dual-camera configuration on OnePlus 5 reminds us of the devices made by Huawei, the P9 and P10.

Do not stop there, OnePlus through a photo uploaded to the site Weibo microbloging also want to show the color produced. Dual-camera that is on OnePlus 5 compared with other devices, in which the images OnePlus 5 looks clearer and sharper.

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For those of you who can not wait to see the real shape of this OnePlus, just wait because soon this smartphone will be introduced. Reportedly, this smartphone will be released on June 15 2017 with body dimensions smaller than 3T OnePlus, but with a more expensive price tag.

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