Figure Sketch Reveals Use of Four Cameras at OnePlus 5

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Smartphones with dual-camera feature is becoming a trend this year. Some smartphone manufacturers also released its flagship product is equipped with a dual-camera. Some are using it in the back, but some are using it in the future.

So is the OnePlus 5 which is soon to be released this year. The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus who have used the Snapdragon 835 is also going to include a dual-camera. However, from a leaked sketch as reported by Android Headlines, seen dual front and rear camera. In addition, OnePlus also embed a dual-LED flash on the smartphone.

op5 sketch

In the body design, it seems OnePlus will make some changes. OnePlus 5 is likely to adopt a similar body design with Google Pixel. That is on the back panel will use two materials with a blend of ceramic material on top.

OnePlus 5 rumored to be released in June or July this year. With the presence of this smartphone, practical OnePlus OnePlus will begin to put the brakes on sales 3T. Even the stock OnePlus 3T 128 GB variant has begun to be stopped sales because of out of stock and the company will not produce it anymore.

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