HTC Smartphone Camera U11 title of king

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U11 HTC has officially launched. The presence of this smartphone to rank with the best camera smartphone be changed. So far, Google Pixel to be the best in terms of the camera with the highest DxOMark scored. But now, the position was taken over by HTC U11 Championship with a score reached 90 in DxOMark.

The title of best smartphone camera is achieved thanks to the high quality image, low noise, and autofocus impressive. HTC U11 camera has a sensor 1 / 2:55 “that allows the device produces very good photos in low light. Thanks to the dual-pixel PDAF, the focus is fast enough even in less than optimal lighting.

u11 dxomark

Camera HTC incredible U11 also appeared in a video recording. DxOMark calling owned autofocus is one of the most accurate ever tested. HTC managed to get rid of the previous flagship HTC smartphone HTC camera U11 10. But it also has disadvantages on videotape, that is a little loss of detail and color shading in low light conditions.

DxOMark mention HTC U11 camera is “the best smartphone cameras are tested to date”. In terms of specifications, HTC U11 has a 12 MP camera with UltraSpeed ​​UltraPixel 3 Autofocus and dual-LED flash. This camera can also be enabled for video recording 4K and 3D Audio and can capture slow-motion video at 120fps 1.080p resolution.

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