Looks 5 Similar OnePlus C9 Galaxy Pro and OPPO F3 Plus Recent Photos

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After LG G6, Huawei P10, Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Xiaomi Mi-6, now the world awaits the presence of OnePlus 5. Smartphone is worth the wait because it proved to be always present the best performance every year.

OnePlus party itself has confirmed that his company is currently working on OnePlus 5. Specifications which almost certainly is the use of the Snapdragon chipset 835 that accompanied the RAM capacity of 6 GB or 8 GB.

In addition to the specification, a number of images that mangacu on OnePlus 5 also been widely circulated. Not quite up there, now re-appearing images that allegedly is OnePlus 5. Overall this image shows the same design language with 5 OnePlus previously leaked images.

It’s just that there are some differences. In this latest image we can see that the design is carried not much different from 3. Body OnePlus OnePlus 5 has a metal with a vertical dual-camera configuration on the back side.

Moreover, because the body is made of full metal, then OnePlus must put the two lines at the top and bottom antennas. Types of antennas are used as OPPO F3 Plus and Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, the antenna 6-string.

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