Meitu M8, Smartphone Selfie Feminin dengan Tongsis Sailor Moon

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Meitu, the origin of the Chinese smartphone brand has recently released smartphones eccentric devoted to women. What is clear, named Meitu M8 smartphone is going to be very, very not cool if used by men.

Meitu M8 smartphone that puts the true is a selfie with the front camera of 12 MP sensor Sony. While the main camera also uses a Sony sensor resolution of 21 MP. To be easily invited photographed, made compact in size, which is 5.2 inches.

daughter m8 helokiti

M8 Meitu actual hardware side is more suitable and beneficial for men than women. Call it MediaTek Helio X20 CPU and RAM up to 4 GB. But what makes this smartphone is very uncool for men is the shape, color, and supporting accessories.

Meitu as M8 user wants a stylish and feel like a Sailor Moon. Meitu M8 has a tapered shape at the top and bottom. While all over his body wrapped in feminine colors, namely pink ala-ala Sailor Moon. There’s even a special edition Hello Kitty.

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