Meizu Cancel release Bezel-less Smartphone This Year

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A few months ago has appeared leaked image rendering new smartphone Meizu will have a screen with no bezel. This is done to match the smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX. But unfortunately it is just an image rendering and have not been realized at all by Meizu.

Well, recently Meizu Jack Wong as boss hinted that the company is going to celebrate the birthday of the 15th in 2018 and as a form of tribute, Meizu will launch a new smartphone with cutting-edge design.

Furthermore, many people speculated that the smartphone will have the full screen on the front, without bezel design, using Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and other high-end hardware specifications. However, as the vice president Li Nan said that the Meizu Meizu will not launch without a bezel screen smartphone this year.

Li Nan agree that the smartphone with the full screen is a trend in these 207 years, but he still had doubts about the overall design and location of fingerprint sensors to the smartphone Meizu. Even so, Li Nan did not rule out the possibility of the presence of smartphones Meizu without bezel in the next year.

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