OnePlus 5 Back to Exist in the Wrap Casing

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Soon OnePlus 5 will be released soon. There is no exact date, but the so-called next generation OnePlus 3 is to be released next month. Ahead of the launch, there are many leaks OnePlus 5 designs appearing on the internet.

The latest leaks that appear in the microblogging site Weibo to show the front and back OnePlus 5. It is clear, on the back of the smartphone is wrapped in a protective case there is support for dual-camera that is positioned vertically.

Design of the camera itself is very similar to a camera embedded by OnePlus into OnePlus 2. In addition, just under a dual-camera embedded, there is a LED flash. While at the front, precisely at the bottom of the screen there is a 5.5 inch fingerprint scanner that also serves as the home button.

Still on the front of the device, OnePlus put front camera for selfie photo needs right in the top left corner. Unfortunately, from the leaked images do not display the top or bottom side so that the type of port is still a question mark. But Carl Pei as officials had confirmed that OnePlus OnePlus 5 will be accompanied by a 3.5mm audio jack.

However, one thing that needs to be underlined that the leaked images OnePlus 5 could not be ascertained the truth. Of course, we have to wait to see the body design OnePlus 5 the truth, namely that will be confirmed directly by the OnePlus itself.

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