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Sightings latest smartphone OPPO R11 has been widely circulated on the internet. Not only its hardware specs, OPPO also threw several poster that shows the contents directly shape or dimensions of the smartphone.

The latest news, OPPO has plans to release a smartphone in June 2017. The appeal of this smartphone is support for dual rear camera which has a combination of wide angle lens 20 MP and 16 MP telephoto. With the combination of such lenses, OPPO R11 is capable of producing images with lossless zoom or portrait.

OPPO R11 03

Intrigued with the resulting photographs? Not long ago, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has also been showcased on the Internet some of the results of photos taken through a dual-camera OPPO R11 using Portrait mode.

OPPO R11 02

Seen from the photographs on display, the resulting color is more accurate and clear. In fact, between the background image blur with the object photographed clearly visible. This further proves that the algorithm developed by OPPO into the smartphone is able to work well.

OPPO R11 04

Of the three that helped the images shown to prove that the rear dualcamera OPPO R11 can produce a portrait photo with bokeh effect that can detect objects and backgrounds optimally and fairly tidy.

In addition, on the last photo also shows the color produced on the object and the background image is clearly visible. Portrait mode brought by OPPO R11 is arguably similar to those offered by the iPhone 7 Plus and Xiaomi Mi-6.

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