OPPO R11 can be photographed Bokeh, this jepretannya Results

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OPPO preoccupation seems to have been complacent and work on lines A and R series smartphones, while the series Find as comfortable as possible. Talk about the latest smartphone to be their release, there are smartphone OPPO who succeeded R9 R11 and R9s.

Teaser and poster OPPO R11 already scattered widely on the Internet explain clearly that this smartphone will carry a dual-camera configuration behind. It also confirmed that the OPPO R11 will be one of the first smartphones orchestrated Snapdragon 660.

r11 bokeh

Known dual-camera specs are brought combines 16MP main camera and 20 MP wide angle to telephoto 2x digital zoom function. Is the ability to just that? Apparently not because again OPPO indulgence in a poster, this time her picture.

In the photo we can see the bokeh effect where the background or the background where the woman was standing look blurry. Yes, this effect is similar to that offered dual-camera smartphones such as Huawei P10, Xiaomi Mi-6, or iPhone 7 Plus. OPPO Unfortunately no disclosure yet about the release date.

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