Outstanding! New Tech Nvidia VGA Cheap Price

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Outstanding!  New Tech Nvidia VGA Cheap Price

Own products VGA fastest in the world today, namely Nvidia. This achievement, either because the architecture or the latest technology VGAnya named Pascal.

If you want to buy the fastest VGA, you have to spend more than USD 10 million. No one fund? Calm down, you can still enjoy the Pascal technology even at a price not to $ 1 million too! Curious?


Launched by WCCFTech . After yesterday’s AMD inaugurates VGA card Radeon RX 550 , Nvidia officially provide resistance to the GeForce 1030 GT . Something like what ya comparison between the two, he details …

VGA cards AMD Radeon RX 550 Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
Graphics Process 14nm FinFET 16nm FinFET
Graphics Core Polaris 12 Pascal GP108
Cores 512 Stream Processors 384 CUDA Cores
TMUs 32 32
ROPs 16 16
Memory Bus 128-bit 64-bit
TDP 50W 30W
Price range USD 1.1 Million Rp 950 Thousand

If compared with the IGP Intel HD 530 of the processor Intel Skylake (Generation 6) , claims Nvidia Geforce 1030 GT is able to have a better performance up to 300% . The following diagram: Percentage of Nvidia in this regard …


The final word

Ya good selection for you who like cheap products. Although cheap, this VGA card has been the architecture of the latest Pascal tablets. Buying interest? Oh yes, make sure you also read the related article Nvidia or other interesting posts from Putra Andalas .

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