Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 Who More Superior?

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Equally release in April 2017, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi-6 is expected to dominate this year’s smartphone sales market. As a flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi-6 offers a variety of features and advanced technology. So which one is better, the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Xiaomi Mi-6? Discover the answer in the following review.


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First release, the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers a new experience for smartphone users by presenting a super beautiful design. Samsung have called Infinity Display. Yes, with a screen ratio of 18: 9, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a screen size of 5.8 inches lengthwise.

While Xiaomi Mi-6 comes with a conventional design, the screen size of 5.15 inches with a screen ratio of 16: 9, not elongated like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6. At first glance, the design is similar to the Huawei P10. Top and bottom bezel is also fairly wide.

In terms of design, it must be admitted that the Samsung Galaxy S8 far superior to the Xiaomi Mi 6. Design Samsung Galaxy S8 is more futuristic, luxurious, and the other from the other. Although the design of Xiaomi Mi-6 still looks attractive, especially with the shiny blue color options that add an elegant impression. However, it should be noted that you will not find the design of the Galaxy S8 on other smartphones.

kitchen runway

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Samsung Galaxy S8 sold in Indonesia orchestrated Exynos 8895 processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM. With this runway kitchen, Samsung had won the title of the fastest smartphones with version AnTuTu benchmark score of 174 155 points.

However, the Xiaomi Mi-6 takes over the title. Yes with kitchen runway super gahar the 835 Snapdragon processor and 6 GB of RAM, Xiaomi Mi-6 scores AnTuTu up to 180,000 points.

On paper, the engine and the performance of Xiaomi Mi 6 ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Although, it can not be a criterion in determining the performance of both in everyday use.


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Although it comes with a new design, in fact, Samsung Galaxy S8 does not present a new camera technology. Yes, Samsung Galaxy S8 has a dual rear camera pixel resolution 12 MP whose quality is similar to the preceding series, Samsung Galaxy S7. While his selfie camera resolution 8 MP.

While Xiaomi Mi 6 offers new tech camera that is dual-rear-resolution camera of 12 MP + 12 MP and 8 MP front camera. In the camera sector, we think Xiaomi Mi 6 presents a camera that is more interesting than the Samsung Galaxy S8. Moreover, in 2017 almost all flagship smartphone using a dual-camera and somehow Samsung Galaxy S8 does not follow that trend.

completeness feature

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As smartphones Samsung champ today, Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a myriad of features such kece iris scanner, facial recognition, fingerprint sensor, smart assistant named Bixby and the coolest thing is Samsung Dex, a feature that can connect the smartphone to the computer in realtime. Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also equipped with features water and dust resistant IP68 certified.

While Xiaomi Mi-6 does not offer many features, only the mandatory features like fingerprint sensor and additional features splash resistant, which means that Xiaomi Mi-6 only resistant to water splashes. If the smartphone submerged in the water has been ascertained smartphone will experience the damage. So, for features that carried, are clear if Xiaomi Mi 6 defeated Samsung Galaxy S8.


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It is no less important than a smartphone is the battery. Samsung Galaxy S8 uses a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh. While Xiaomi Mi-6 came battery capacity of 3,350 mAh. Both are equally supports quick charging feature.

We do not know which one is better and durable. But if predictable, battery Mi 6 might be more durable. The cause is the Galaxy screen dimensions S8 larger, higher resolution and more features.

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