Secretly Button Home Galaxy S8 Can Move Points, this reason

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + scheduled to be landed in Indonesia on May 5, 2017. Yes, for the buyer (pre-order) can directly pick up the order at Samsung Galaxy S8 Store that they had chosen.

If you are one of the buyers, do not be surprised if you see the Home button on the Galaxy S8 move where. Maybe you will not be aware of this because of the displacement occurs only occasionally and not too obvious.

s8 button move

Reporting from The Verge, virtual Home button on the Galaxy S8 can indeed move where alias shifted. The transfer of this virtual button will only be felt if we mark the screen with paper for example.

Is this a bug on Galaxy S8? Does not seem. As explained by the Netherlands Samsung account on Twitter, Samsung was deliberately doing so to avoid screen burn-in.

Virtual Home button on the Galaxy S8 will always lit every second. If this continues to happen in the same place, it could potentially cause burn-in. This effect will leave a stain like a shadow on the screen due to the pixel light up constantly in the same place.

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