Seeing the Galaxy Note 8 Design Design Concept Creator

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Samsung is reportedly preparing Galaxy Note 8 is going to be a substitute for the Galaxy Note phablet 7 experiencing bad luck and was forced to stop production in the past year. Galaxy Note 8 has a warm conversation since Samsung released flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

Even the number of smartphone design designer also makes the design of the design Galaxy Note 8 by rumors that had been circulating. One of them is made by Concept Creator who publish it through YouTube videos. Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come with a 6.4-inch screen and dual-camera on the back and comes with a fresh design.

Of video are uploaded Concept Creator, the visible Galaxy Note 8 will feature a bezel-less design Infinity Display as Galaxy S8. Because the device Note, the Galaxy Note 8 is also equipped with the S-Pen stylus which provided the ability to recognize the pressure of the tiers 4096. Galaxy Note 8 also comes with dual rear camera which is positioned vertically believed to be made more attractive than the Galaxy S8 are only equipped with a single camera.

But there is one feature that is not seen in the concept design of the Galaxy Note 8 which is a fingerprint sensor that is the Galaxy S8 placed on the back of the body. Maybe Concept Creator assume Samsung will use sensor technology embedded in the screen.

Other biometric security features such as face recognition and iris scanners will likely be pinned on the Galaxy Note 8. Button Bixby is still visible on the side of the device, which means the possibility of such features may exist in the Galaxy Note 8.

What do you think? Does the design of the Galaxy Note 8 looks interesting? In any case, this is just a design concept that could be different to the actual design of the Galaxy Note 8.

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