Siri and Google Assistant Will Duet on iOS Devices

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Google has released Google Assistant app for almost all types of Android smartphones. And now, Google reportedly will soon bring it to iOS-based devices in the near future.

The latest report says that Google will announce the presence of Google Assistant on iOS in konfernsi I / O will be held on this day. The report further stated that Google Assistant for iOS will only be available in the US at launch. This application will be available in the Apple App Store.

According to reports, Google Assistant for iOS is mostly going to be a mix between the voice command feature to the chat function found on Google Allo Assistant. By doing so, its function is certain to be much like Siri.

Google first launched Google Now in October 2016 and with the launch of the device based on Android 7.0 smartphone and smartphone Nougat Pixel and Pixel XL. After rolling this out to some Marshmallow and Nougat based devices, Google said that they are not going to expand Google Assistant to the Android tablet.

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