The launch Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus Delayed Because of Galaxy S8

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Had reported will release Mi Mi 6 and 6 Plus simultaneously, in fact only introduces a smartphone Xiaomi only. The smartphone is the Mi-6 which has 5.15 inch screen with dual-main camera. Then, where Mi 6 Plus?

Recently known to delay the launch of Xiaomi Mi-6 Plus is caused by Samsung Galaxy S8. Based on the statement of Pan Jiutang as renowned analyst, he said that the public response in the United States against Samsung Galaxy S8 better than the forecasts made by Samsung.

This led to the Samsung Galaxy S8 need supplies Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 even more so that the production of these processors will not be enough to Mi 6 Plus and make Xiaomi had to postpone and reschedule for the release of the flagship jumbo smartphone.

In fact, there is news that Mi 6 Plus will be canceled and immediately launched the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 in Q3 2017. In addition, there is another reason to say that if Mi 6 Plus comes on the market will have an effect on the sales of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX already satisfy the current market in the smartphone segment jumbo screen.

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