This is what happens when Xiaomi Mi 6 Submerged Water

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So far there are two things that underlie why Xiaomi eliminate the 3.5 mm audio jack on the flagship Mi-6 . First because Xiaomi need more space in order to accommodate a 3,350 mAh battery inside Mi 6. Both to realize splash resistant capability.

Yes, at the time of presentation of product introductions in Beijing, says that Xiaomi Mi 6 is a smartphone splash resistant or splash resistant. Of course many are wondering if this means the same as waterproof.

Broadly speaking, it is waterproof, but unlike LG G6, iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8. All three smartphones are certified IP67 or IP68 which means it can take 30 minutes to dive as deep as 1.5 meters.


But it is different with the Xiaomi Mi-6 that does not have a certificate IP68. So, we are reminding you do not try and bring it to dive or take pictures in the water if you do not want to lose. This has been evidenced through a YouTube video created by TechTablet.

In the video lasted about six minutes, the Mi-6 tester dipped into a container jar was filled with water. The entire body Mi 6 submerged in water. It looks like all will be fine because smartphones can still be lit after in the water for 1 minute 40 seconds.

But if you noticed, there is a water bubble that pops up to the surface to indicate the presence of air pressure due to the water that goes into the body of the smartphone. And sure enough, after a few minutes removed and dried, smartphones eventually die.

The testers tried to turn but the smartphone only show the logo Mi and empty batteries with water still dripping. Yet when he dipped into the water smartphone, the battery indicator still shows the figures above 40 percent. Finally smartphone really dead and it indicates that Xiaomi Mi-6 is not a waterproof smartphone that can take a dive.

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