This List Price iPhone 7 in Various Countries, Turkey and Brazil Most Expensive

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Are you interested in buying an iPhone 7 in other countries with the hope of getting a cheaper price? Instead, you see the first report recently released ranking of Deutsche Bank relating to the country that sell the iPhone 7 from the most expensive to study, go cheaper.

Reporting from Pocketnow, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, and Greece into a country which sells the iPhone 7128 GB with the highest price tag of US $ 1,210 or equivalent to Rp16.1 million. Of the 33 countries in the list, the United States and Japan became the country that sell the iPhone cheapest GB 7128, only US $ 815 or equivalent to Rp10.8 million.

ip7 pricelist

Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included in the list issued by Deutsche Bank. However, when compared with in Indonesia, the price tag of the iPhone 7 cheaper than Turkey, but more expensive than the United States.

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