Tiny body Xiaomi Mi 6 Proven Hold Crooked and Stronger than Mi 5

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Xiaomi Mi-6 has been released in the last month. Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone is not only equipped with qualified specification but also luxurious design. But behind it all, the question arises whether a body Xiaomi Mi-6 is better than the previous Xiaomi smartphone that looks so fragile when undergoing durability testing body. To answer these questions, your YouTube account JerryRigEverything back to test the physical endurance Mi 6 and publish it through a video show.

As usual, the first test performed is a test of scratches on the screen size of 5.15 that has been protected Gorillah Glass by using a pick. From these tests, it was found that the results of a new screen with a scratch scratched when tested at level 6 Mohs scale. It shows the quality of the Mi-6 on par with other flagship smartphones. With the durability of this screen, you do not have to worry about the screen will be scratched by keys or coins when in the pocket.

Xiaomi designing its fingerprint sensor with a layer of glass. This is what makes it resistant to scratches and new standards scratched by a pick with a level 6 Mohs scale. Likewise with 8 megapixel front camera which is placed under the glass screen makes it protected from scratches.

Turning to the rear panel, the section also covered the glass material. In addition, Mi-6 also uses a ceramic material on the deluxe version of her. Tests on the rear panel Mi 6 also shows this section has good resistance to scratches. Likewise with the rear panel that uses a ceramic material, it will be more resistant to scratches. Dual 12-megapixel rear camera on this smartphone was well protected.

The next test to burn the screen and found to be the result of an IPS screen on this smartphone only visible effect when burned for ten seconds. Better durability than the Xiaomi Mi 5 which is already visible effects in just four seconds.

Last testing that is bent. This test further proves that China-made smartphone with a relatively affordable price tag has a solid body. Evidently when bent, the smartphone is just a bit crooked but could immediately return to its original position. Unlike the Mi 5 that can be easily bent and even broken only by a slight pressure.

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