Want to Buy Asus Zenfone Live? Mandatory Know Top 5 Advantages of Smartphone’s

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Want to Buy Asus Zenfone Live?  Mandatory Know Top 5 Advantages of Smartphone's

At some time ago firm Asus Mobile has successfully introduced and launched Asus Zenfone Zoom . Secretly manufacturer Asus has released the upper middle class smartphone its newest Asus Zenfone Live likely some of you are still there who do not know about this phone.

Speaking of excellent features Asus Zenfone Live is actually very much. Ranging from networks and other connectivity, but as I discuss at this time is the best excess then there will be a lot of points and just explain the benefits of the best only.

Excess Asus Zenfone list Live

1. Have a Trendy Feature Live Action Camera

For you who like to use the smartphone’s camera, certainly rarely heard of this. Naturally, because these features are very rare and uncommon. Trendy Live Action Camera is easier for you to edit your photos using various effects and then share without requiring other applications.

2. Looks Attractive Design and Luxury

Most smartphones upper middle class, one of which Asus Zenfone Live rely on the design body full metal and alloy 2,5D screen or curved screen which makes it look very luxurious and elegant.

3. The screen width and Satisfy

Not to forget, this section is also very nice, you know than the one above. Very classy part of the screen, has a fairly broad stretch of up to 5 inches were optimized using HD resolution and alloys tech panel IPS LCD . Although the panel used was not the best but it seems quite promising


4. Dual Camera Photography Promising Quality

In this case photography Asus Zenfone Live rely on a dual camera that is both high resolution. The rear camera fixed to 13 Mega Pixel and alloy LED flash and auto focus. Then the camera selfie it was no less good though only lens 5 Mega Pixel only. Fortunately already given alloy features LED flash and auto focus as well so the shots will be clear and good quality.

5. RAM and large Internal memory

Well, for you who like to really play the game or collect heavy applications then Asus Zenfone Live will be very suitable. Besides the price is cheap smartphone is equipped with a formidable capital 2GB RAM specifications and processor resilient, operating systems Marshmallow and large internal memory capacity reaches 16GB which can accommodate file with the number of lots


Basically, if you look at the specs Asus Zenfone Live is complete it will be seen that the mobile phone has advantages for photography. But this smartphone is also suitable for the needs of gaming , so the core conclusion is fairly versatile live Zenfone.

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