Xiaomi Mi 6 Demolished, Revealed Reasons Not Submersible

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The video that contains unload finished a smartphone device may not be familiar to most gadget lovers. However, many people are curious if disassembled is a smartphone that comes into the premium range.

Zack Nelson is accustomed to test the resistance level of the body of a smartphone or unload discharged offal. Immortalized through a video uploaded to YouTube using the account JerryRigEveryting, Zack this time unpacking Mi 6 produced by Xiaomi.

In the video, there is one thing that is quite inviting curiosity, which is why not equip Xiaomi Mi 6 to 68. Smartphone certification is only equipped with features water resistant, so it is only able to withstand water splashes.

So, if you have the Mi-6 do not ever whim to enter the smartphone or soaked in water for a few minutes. Certainly, would adversely impact the smartphone Mi 6 you use.

Of curiosity like that, Zack took the initiative to expose Mi 6 that exposed all the innards dalamannya. This smartphone also not watertight because no equip Xiaomi Mi 6 with a rubber ring around the charging port.

However, Zack helped show that there really just need a little touch to make this smartphone resistant in the water. Could be, inputs provided by Zack acceptable by Xiaomi, so that future technology manufacturers from China is presenting a smartphone that has the ability to hold water.

Xiaomi Mi-6 is already designing with the ability to minimize the entry of water into the body thanks to the mesh screen, mic grille, and a rubber seal in the SIM slot. Unfortunately, port USB Type C is pinned on this smartphone is wide open so it made Mi-6 is not completely waterproof.

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