Xiaomi Mi Immediate Release 13.3 Upgrade Air Notebook

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In addition to working on the smartphone market, Xiaomi also come into play in the notebook market. Almost a year has been Xiaomi plunge in the notebook market with products Mi Notebook Air. At first this notebook comes with the 13.3-inch and 12.5-inch. Xiaomi then release the 4G version and also upgrade their processors. And now, Mi Air Notebook 13.3-inch version getting upgraded again and will be launched soon.

Mi Air 13.3-inch Notebook The new’ve seen in Jingdong Mall (JD.com). Outer body design at first glance does not look much different from the model of non-4G and 4G. However, when you open the notebook only visible difference. The touchpad looks different thanks to their section shaped like a pill in the upper right corner of the touchpad area that mention serves as a fingerprint scanner.

Looking to the offal, Mi Air 13.3-inch notebook is powered by the latest generation Intel Core i5-7200U seventh with a maximum clockspeed of 3.1 GHz. This speed increase over previous versions that are still using Core-i5 processor sixth generation. The graphics card has also been upgraded from the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 940MX be MX150. The RAM is still 8 GB of internal storage with 256 GB remains. But there is also a 128 GB version.

Mi Notebook 13.3-inch Air is expected to be available starting June 12 tomorrow. Its price tag of around US $ 735

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