Xiaomi redmi Pro 2 comes to the Official Website Mi.com

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Xiaomi smartphone was first to bring dual-camera via redmi Pro, introduced in July 2016. But until now Xiaomi has not released the newest version. Though redmi Pro saves a lot of potential and attractive awaited sequel version.

And it seems that Xiaomi will indeed be released redmi Pro 2. Yesterday (13/05) Xiaomi caught displaying redmi Pro 2 on its official website, MI.com. Unfortunately, the page disappeared some time afterwards.

redmi pro 2

Quoted from Gizmochina, who had disappeared the page was immortalized via a screenshot. Although there is no appearance of photos, but at least there are a handful of information regarding the specifications and price.

In these pages revealed Xiaomi redmi Pro 2 has a 5.5 inch screen with OLED panels like the first series. This smartphone will be orchestrated Snapdragon chipset 660 newly introduced along with a battery of 4,100 mAh.

Also in the body behind it are mentioned as being occupied two twin camera with a resolution of 16 MP. As for price listed ¥ 1,199 or US $ 174. This price is equivalent to 2.3 million. It is not yet known when redmi Pro 2 will be introduced.

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